Developing Your Team
Into Winners.

T1S’s staff training program, Pro-Staff, is a modular series designed to meet the Team Development objectives of any organization.

It begins with a professional introduction to The Fundamentals of Effective Teamwork which leads into additional workshops that cover the wider areas of a client’s Core Values and Strategic Objectives.

The program content can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of a company, team or individual and includes full comprehensive written materials.

Training and Coaching:

All T1S programs are delivered in-house through group workshops and optional webinars with a dedicated consultant and are followed by group and individual review sessions at 30- and 90-day intervals to ensure the presented training is being effectively implemented.

Modules are delivered through 2-hour seminars tailored to company and individual needs and requirements, and include:

  • Key Note presentations;
  • Group and Individual Exercises;
  • Role Plays;
  • Case Studies, and;
  • Historical Analysis.

In addition, one-on-one coaching is offered to develop the specific skills of selected individuals.

Our Process:
  1. In-house workshop with additional optional webinars for off-site staff;
  2. In-house follow-up consultations to review the application of the skills learned;
  3. One-on-one coaching opportunities.

Pro-Staff Content

Introductory Workshop
The Fundamentals of Effective Teamwork
  • Understanding the Blue Print for Team Success;
  • Using Passion to create Vision;
  • Creating ‘Same Page Successes’.
Module Menu
  • How to get results through ‘The Why’;
  • How to ‘listen louder’;
  • The power of principal objectives.
Change Management
  • Building Reputational Capital;
  • The challenges and responsibilities of change involvement;
  • What’s in it for you?
  • What part do you play?
  • Feeling Empowered.
Time Management
  • Principles of Productivity Time Locks;
  • Basic Time Analysis;
  • The Urgent vs. Important Paradox;
  • The ABC of Effective Time Management;
  • MVP Activities.
Strategic Thinking and Planning (to include Goal Setting)
  • Understanding Strategic Posture;
  • Learning the Steps to Strategic Thinking;
  • Understanding the Steps to Effective Planning;
  • How to Turn Intention into Commitment.
Team Building
  • Understanding the Plan for Team Success;
  • Using Passion to create Vision;
  • Being a Part of Consensus;
  • Creating ‘Same Page Successes’.
Customer Service
  • The 4 Levels of Exceptional Customer Service;
  • Learning the Principles of Team Empowerment;
  • Raising the Level of CS;
  • Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers.
Effective Meetings and Presentations
  • Understanding the Value of Effective Meetings;
  • Preparation and Planning;
  • Follow-Up and Accountability.
Dealing with Workplace Mistakes
  • Understanding the concept of fixing the mistake not focusing on the blame;
  • Learning the 5 Principles of Dealing with Workplace Mistakes;
  • How to use mistakes as an investment.
Innovation and Creativity
  • The Innovation Formula;
  • Understanding Innovation vs. Creativity;
  • Green and Red Light Thinking;
  • Getting ‘Out of the Box’;
  • Creating ‘Wild Ideas’.
Negotiate to Win
  • Steps Towards Effective Negotiation Success;
  • Setting Realistic Expectations;
  • Creating a Win-Win Scenario.
Dealing with Diverse Personality Styles
  • Understanding Traits, Strengths and Challenges;
  • Recognizing your own personality and those of your team;
  • How to adapt behaviours to meet personality challenges.
Problem Solving
  • Increase team effectiveness through successful problem solving skills;
  • Introduce a 6-Step process to effective problem solving;
  • Being Engaged in the problem solving process.